Absent Meaning: The dictionary definition of “absent” is an adjective or verb that denotes someone or something that is not present or missing.

Use cases:

  1. Adjective – Not present:
    • Referring to someone who is not in a particular place or location.
    • Example: She was absent from school due to illness.
  2. Adjective – Inattentive or distracted:
    • Describing someone who is mentally or emotionally not present.
    • Example: He seemed absent during the meeting, lost in thought.
  3. Verb – To be away or missing:
    • Referring to the action of not being present or not attending.
    • Example: He absented himself from the family gathering.

Examples in sentence:

  1. Several students were absent from class yesterday.
  2. Her absent-mindedness caused her to forget about the appointment.
  3. He decided to absent himself from the discussion to avoid conflict.

Related words:

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