Meaning of absence: The dictionary definition of “absence” is a noun that refers to the state of being away or not present.

Use cases:
1. Physical absence: Referring to someone not being in a particular place.
– Example: His absence from the meeting was noted by his colleagues.

2. Lack or non-existence: Referring to the state of something being missing or not existing.
– Example: The absence of evidence made it difficult to draw conclusions.

3. Inattention or neglect: Referring to a lack of attention or concern for something.
– Example: His absence of mind led to several mistakes in the report.


1. She apologized for her absence from the party last night.
2. The absence of leadership in the project caused delays.
3. His sudden absence from work raised concerns among his coworkers.

Related words:
– Missing
– Nonattendance
– Vacancy
– Void

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