Meaning of abscond: The dictionary definition of “abscond” is a verb that means to leave hurriedly and secretly, typically to avoid detection or arrest.

Use cases:

  1. Legal context: Referring to someone fleeing from the authorities to evade arrest or legal consequences.

    Example: The suspect absconded from the police station before they could question him.

  2. Financial context: Describing someone who leaves without paying debts or obligations.

    Example: The CEO absconded with millions of dollars from the company’s accounts.

  3. General context: Referring to anyone leaving suddenly or in a secretive manner.

    Example: She absconded from the party without saying goodbye to anyone.


  1. The prisoner absconded from the jail during the night.
  2. He absconded with the company’s confidential documents.
  3. The cashier absconded with the store’s daily earnings.

Related words:

  • Flee
  • Escape
  • Bolt
  • Run away
  • Evade

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