Meaning of abrupt: The dictionary definition of “abrupt” is an adjective that describes something sudden and unexpected, or marked by sharpness or steepness in change or transition.

Use cases:

  1. Behavior or actions: Describing someone who is sudden or curt in manner.

    Example: His abrupt departure from the meeting surprised everyone.

  2. Changes or transitions: Referring to something that happens suddenly or without warning.

    Example: The abrupt change in weather caught us off guard.

  3. Physical features: Describing something with a steep or sharp slope.

    Example: The road took an abrupt turn to the left.


  1. Her abrupt response left him feeling confused and hurt.
  2. The car came to an abrupt stop at the traffic light.
  3. The company’s abrupt decision to downsize shocked its employees.

Related words:

  • Sudden
  • Unexpected
  • Sharp
  • Abrasive
  • Jarring

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