Meaning of Abridged:  The dictionary definition of “abridged” is an adjective that describes something, typically a book or text, that has been shortened while keeping the essential content or meaning intact.

Use cases:
1. Publishing industry: Referring to shortened versions of books or literary works for easier consumption.
2. Legal and contractual documents: Describing summaries or condensed versions of lengthy agreements or terms.
3. Entertainment media: Referring to shortened adaptations of movies, plays, or musical compositions.

1. The abridged version of the novel is popular among students for its concise presentation of the main plot.
2. Due to time constraints, the speech had to be delivered in an abridged format, focusing on key points.
3. He listened to the abridged audiobook during his commute to work.

Related words:
1. Shortened
2. Condensed
3. Summarized
4. Digest
5. Synopsis

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