Meaning Of Above: The word “above” has several dictionary meanings depending on its usage:

  1. Preposition:
    • Higher than; in a higher position than something else, typically spatially.
    • Example: The picture hangs above the fireplace.
  2. Adverb:
    • At a higher level or layer.
    • Example: Temperatures are expected to rise above freezing tomorrow.
  3. Adjective:
    • Situated higher than something else, especially in a hierarchy.
    • Example: He held a position above hers in the company.
  4. Adjective:
    • More than a stated amount or level; exceeding.
    • Example: Her salary is above average for this industry.
  5. Conjunction:
    • Used to introduce a matter or subject that has already been mentioned.
    • Example: The book discusses the issues mentioned above.

Examples In Sentence:

  1. The bird flew above the treetops.
  2. The temperature outside is well above freezing.
  3. The boss’s office is directly above mine.
  4. His actions were considered above reproach.

Related words:

  • Over
  • Up
  • Higher
  • Beyond

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