The dictionary definition of “abnormality” is a noun referring to the state or quality of being abnormal, which means deviating from what is normal or typical.

Use cases:
1. Medical and health contexts: Describing physical or mental conditions that differ from the standard or healthy state.
2. Statistical and scientific contexts: Referring to data points or results that fall outside the expected range or distribution.
3. Social and behavioral contexts: Identifying behaviors, beliefs, or characteristics that are considered unusual or deviant from societal norms.

Examples In Sentence:
1. The ultrasound revealed an abnormality in the fetus’s development.
2. Genetic testing can detect abnormalities that predispose individuals to certain diseases.
3. The psychologist studied the abnormality in the patient’s behavior to understand its underlying causes.

Related words:
1. Anomaly
2. Deviation
3. Irregularity
4. Oddity
5. Quirk

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